The Job Interview: Tips, Secrets & Insights

In this information age, the process of finding a job has changed drastically! Economic shifts have created new challenges in getting that job.

How do you get from 250 applicants to one new hire? This program can be geared to the interviewers or the job seekers.

For the interviewer, Shelly presents tips for writing an effective ad, narrowing down the list to the strongest candidates, and using the interview process to determine if a qualified candidate is a good fit for the position.

For the job seekers, Shelly offers insights into the interview process, tips on being their very best, and confidence boosters to help them through this challenging process. But most of all, she helps them assess themselves so they can be partners in finding a job that is a good match for them.

With more than thirty years running a successful business, Shelly Mazer has plenty of first-hand experience in hiring employees. She has distilled her knowledge into a system to help people discover what they need in a job or a new hire, giving them the tools they need for success in the workplace.

This program includes an exercise that any size audience can do at their seats, with a handout so everyone has something tangible to take home to inspire them.

Develop all your tools for a successful career!