Living the Hero’s Journey: How Writers Can Plot Their Path to Career Success

Living the Hero’s Journey:
How Writers Can Plot Their Path to Career Success

In this workshop for writers, here are some of the tools and techniques you’ll learn to help you take control of your career:

  • Ways to get clear about the best direction for you right now
  • Techniques used by great thinkers such as Einstein and Edison to discover the next step
  • Tips to overcome the blocks that keep you from the success you deserve

You can use these tips and techniques right away to steer your career in a better direction. And you can use them to improve your character arcs and plot lines too!

Shelly Mazer built one of the largest and most well-respected party entertainment companies in Los Angeles, working as a clown, an MC, and an occasional gorilla. But after 20-some years of running the business, she was ready for something new, and more fulfilling. So she began writing love stories, to inspire people to believe that they too could have the life they deserve. In pursuing her own personal growth, she became a life coach and discovered the meaning of life. (Btw, she’ll share that with you, in case anyone is curious about it!) She realized that writing fiction and life coaching are actually closely related–they both follow that universal concept of the hero’s journey.

Shelly is completing a book and on-line program entitled, “Seven Steps to Revamp, Revitalize, or Reinvent Your Career.” She hosts coaching calls 3 mornings a week, called Daily Steps to Steer Your Career, where she shows people how to travel the path on their own hero’s journey. Her gift is to help other people share their gifts with the world.