Success for the Long Haul

10 Business Principles for Longevity

To succeed in business, it’s not enough to have a quality product or service. You need to be good at the business of doing business. You need to know how to keep your staff working effectively, how to keep your customers happy, and how to market the company to new customers. With shifts in the economy, changing cultural demographics, and emerging technologies, what has worked before may not work any more.

In the thirty years she’s been running one of the most successful entertainment companies in Los Angeles, Shelly Mazer has weathered lots of ups and downs in her business. While many of her friends and competitors shut down or scaled back, she continued to hire employees. In this motivational program, she’ll share with you her best practices for building a business and staying successful.

This program includes an exercise that any size audience can do at their seats, plus a handout so everyone has something tangible to take home to inspire them.

Develop all your tools for a successful career!