Create Change for the Better

Create Change for the Better:
Learn 3 Techniques Used by the World’s Most Successful People

If there’s one constant in life, it’s change. Yet, for many people embracing change is challenging, and the thought of creating their own meaningful change seems impossibly difficult. With the right knowledge and a little bit of experience, anyone can master that otherwise daunting ability, and create positive change in their job environment and in their careers.

In this program, Shelly Mazer shares the insights and time-tested tools used by people like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Presidents John F. Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt, Diana Nyad and Jim Carrey. With more than thirty years running a successful business curso de paisagismo online, and many years as a career coach, Shelly has plenty of first-hand experience in facing change and thriving. Through workshops and coaching programs, she helps people create the change they need to stay on top of their field.

✔ Face the Change
When is change necessary?
What if it turns out worse?
How can I create change if I don’t know where to begin?

✔ Get Tips from the Masters
Learn the 5 steps to creating positive change.
Study the 3 techniques used by great innovators to super-charge their results.
Hear how they handle failure, and their insights on success.

✔ Put it to the Test
Explore real-life examples of these techniques.
Choose a change you’d like to implement.
Discover steps you can take right away.

Steer Your Career: A Change for the Better is typically presented as an interactive workshop.
It runs 60, 90, or 120 minutes, and includes a worksheet and a quick hands-on exercise, depending on the number of participants