Classes and Knit Nite!

Because who doesn’t want to learn how to knit? Jaimie and I have officially started classes!! I, Charlene will be teaching a beginners class Tuesday mornings between 10:30am-12:00. Jaimie will be teaching a beginners class Friday afternoons between 1pm-3. We will need you to register with us as space is limited, which you can do by coming into the store or email us!! Please no small children as we are a small store.

Thursday nights we have a Knit Nite from 4pm-6pm and we have seating for about six people! We encourage people to drop in and connect, meet other knitters, get help etc.

We love growing our tribe of knitters and appreciate your continued support. Hope to see you all  soon!!


Fiber Fest

I have experienced my first fiber fest! Visited all ends of the process that is creating fiber, and meeting so many people who are willing to show you what they know and pass on their experiences! I couldn’t believe how willing and eager everyone was to share their knowledge, it was beyond incredible to be surrounded by so many wonderful people working together and building one another up. To be surrounded by people, this community of fiber artists, who want to pass on their knowledge and send people like myself out into the world with a surplus of information simply to watch what we do with it was heartwarming. Are all fiber fests like that? I feel like I should attend each one I possibly can. I was walked through the process from shearing the fiber animals to spinning and the many ways this is accomplished! Every person I met so very in love with their work, and the many different ways to do it.

I purchased my first spinning wheel. I sat with two women who taught me how to spin. Two sisters who were so patient with me and helped me to take those first steps in my journey to create yarn. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to them. They were amazing. Just sitting with me and encouraging me until I got it, messed up, got it right for a bit, messed up. I ended up creating what they called “Yarn Art”.  They would not let me feel disappointed these amazing women, not for a second. I was so touched by their warm energy and how patient they were with all of us learning to spin. I won’t be forgetting them.

The people at this fiber fest were all so welcoming and completely patient and friendly as I asked stupid question after stupid question and was met with “well how else will you learn dear, ask all the questions you can”. I hope all fiber fests are this welcoming for people looking to learn. I hope to attend more, to learn more and to be met with the same warm love I felt at this one. I feel the best way to continuously show my gratitude to these amazing people is to put my heart into it and share with as much love and respect as they used for me.

-Charleneimage000000 (1)

Something In The Way

I am so excited to start doing something. Something so amazing, it will fix so many of my problems. I’m going to stop psyching myself out of projects!!

Every once in awhile I will find an amazing pattern that seems so perfect that I just have to try it. Then I start reading the instructions thoroughly. The first “huh, I wonder what that means” isn’t so bad, but as the pattern reads on there’s more unknowns! I start thinking to myself “whoa, maybe find something more basic.” Problem is, I don’t want to do basic, I really do want the challenge. I have completed 3 patterns I almost psyched myself out of. Took it step by step and watched how to tutorials or asked fellow knitters for advice. So why do I continuously allow my head to go there? I’m pushing through another project with more than basic instructions. Stopping and looking up complications, getting the info I need and then trying my hand. So many times I can’t believe how much time I spent avoiding because the pattern is really easy and I am completely capable! I have met so many knitters that say the same “can’t believe how much time I spent avoiding that project, it turned out to be simple!’

I’ve talked to quite a few knitters who haven’t enjoyed the challenging knits because they too have gotten in their own way and passed on making socks, sweaters, toys or anything outside of hats and dishcloths. We get in our own way and it keeps us from moving forward and progressing. It definitely makes it harder to have those that ask you “are you sure you’re ready for that?” or often have double meanings to what they say. Let that go I tell ya! You can. I can. Get out of your head and just try.

I am finding that I love my progress and that I can get out of my own way and learn more, do more and create more. It definitely helps to ask other knitters but it absolutely can be done alone. There are so many advanced knitters out there who self taught from step one. Just get out of your own way.


Fibrous Aspirations

Ever since Sheri put those knitting needles in my hand I have been fascinated with yarn and the creations made with it. These last few months I’ve joined spinners groups and connected with many people who produce fiber and wow am I in awe by this amazing process! Now while there are several enchanting creatures that produce wool and fiber that I adore, my most favorite is the alpaca. How amazing are these animals? The personalities and temperament are incredible and I’m in love! I would love to raise these animals and admire those that do. To shear their luscious fleece to keep them cooler in the warmer seasons and in turn use their fiber to process and spin into yarn has me excited and anxious to learn more! For me it would take my desire to create beautiful knits to another level by starting at the very beginning and creating my own yarn. To be in charge and responsible for the finished object from the start in an opportunity I’d relish and I swear I cannot meet enough people who get to take part in this! Since working in Brave Dog Knits I have met so many people who take part in some of this process that is yarn making and they’re all so thrilled to be doing it! The encouragement I have received to take these steps in yarn making have been heartwarming and after I feel confident enough in my information gathering, I feel this will bring me even more joy in my knitting craft. And if at some point I could share this new passion with the world….


The Pleasure Of Knitting

What is knitting to you? To me knitting is a sensual form of creating. Taking pleasure in making something and putting love and care into something for the people I love, people who need it and also for myself. To make something feels amazing to me. I’m creating something, putting something out there for someone. They’re wearing or using , playing with a creation I’ve made. They needed a hat to wear and keep warm and they chose one I made! Contributing to the people around us, giving back to our community in any way makes me feel great. To provide a service of sorts. As I’m knitting, I’ve chosen a color of yarn that I just had to turn into something, each stitch forming my vision. Every slide of the yarn over my fingers bringing it’s own calming peace. The delightful clink or click of my needles as they connect each loop. The weight of my project as I get further into the pattern. The sigh as I snip ends finally weaved in. The satisfaction in someone appreciating my creation. It feels amazing to me entirely to create, to work at it, to gift or sell. I love my craft. I love learning more about my craft and I adore finding other knitters and yarn lovers to share this passion and journey with. Being able to do something I love is such a gift I’ll never stop being grateful for nor will I stop being thankful for those who appreciate it.


Dedicated Knitting

Where my knittas at?!!

I’d like to know how you knit. I dream of a comfy spot in the living room or a place with lots of sun, a nice tune or my favorite show while my 4 children frolic around the house playing nicely.

No. That’s not how Charlene gets her knit on. IF I can find a place on the couch, there is a child in my lap and I must hold my WIP above her head while another child is trying to fuse themselves into my side. The other two are either invading each others space, needing me to come see what the dogs just did, or want more food!

I can’t hear music because even playing nicely my tribe of wee people are loud. We can’t watch adult shows (that’s the last thing I need them repeating) so in an attempt to calm these savages we watch a variety of Minecraft, my little pony, or the newest movie Netflix releases.

I push through though. I will get those stitches in! Mommy needs to finish this! Even when dad is keeping watch, they invade! But when that project is finally finished, mistakes corrected and is blocking nicely, I’m quite pleased with myself. My efforts were not wasted. I promise myself “next time I’m going to be so firm in my boundaries and knit”. I can do this though, not gracefully and I look insane while attempting my craft, but I can do it. And once the finished project is done blocking and drying I am going to feel that much prouder of my accomplishment. But they’re probably stepping on that too…

How do you knit? I’d love to know!!20180527_114427


A Note To New Friends


You know what I love about being in Brave Dog Knits? I mean yeah there’s all this beautiful and delicious yarn and amazing tools and patterns at my fingertips.  Honestly it’s the customer. It’s You. I love digging through this yarn with you and coming up with the many ways to use it, some I never would have thought of. I love hearing about your favorite patterns and honestly getting inspired just listening to your knitting adventures! Learning about brands I’ve never heard of or knitting needles only found in other stores. This is a dream right? I’m working in an amazing yarn store and each one of you that comes in and chats with me about your knits, you’re teaching me something new. Inspiring a new cast on project! Learning about the wonderful knitting groups right here! You’re all so amazing and keep adding to my desire to learn and do more, to create and test myself on new things. We appreciate each of you that walks through these doors and truly look forward to seeing what you create next and hearing about the new things you learn on the journey. Thank you for all you teach us and share with us. Thank you for your support and friendship.20180602_112753