About Us

Meet our owner and staff – we are here to assist you and help with all your projects and supply needs.

Sheri Lynn and David Cohen

Sheri and David had no intention of opening a yarn store in Columbia Falls – or anywhere else – that fateful May of 2018. However, when the space on Nucleus Avenue opened up, Barbara Jenkins – the owner of the Barber Shop next door – contacted them and insisted they open a shop. With further encouragement from other local businesses, they went for it.
Originally it was to be the new home for Genesis Kitchen – but that did not pan out and they had the space. So they drew on Sheri’s professional knitting work and, coupled with a shortage of retail and crafting shops in Columbia Falls, this led to the yarn shop. They both felt this was the best use of the space to serve the community.

Where did the name come from?
Sheri and David were perusing a local topo map and found Brave Dog Mountain just northeast of Essex, Montana. It was an immediate fit for the yarn shop – Brave Dog Knits.

How did you decide which yarns to carry?
Sheri’s personal knitting preferences revolve around fine natural animal fibers, local yarns, and yarns produced in the USA. She followed her knitting needles and curated a wide selection of both animal (different wool breeds, alpaca, yak…) and plant (cotton, nettle, bamboo…) fiber yarns.
The Cohen’s live in Columbia Falls, where they also own Genesis Kitchen, right down the street!