Fiber Fest

I have experienced my first fiber fest! Visited all ends of the process that is creating fiber, and meeting so many people who are willing to show you what they know and pass on their experiences! I couldn’t believe how willing and eager everyone was to share their knowledge, it was beyond incredible to be surrounded by so many wonderful people working together and building one another up. To be surrounded by people, this community of fiber artists, who want to pass on their knowledge and send people like myself out into the world with a surplus of information simply to watch what we do with it was heartwarming. Are all fiber fests like that? I feel like I should attend each one I possibly can. I was walked through the process from shearing the fiber animals to spinning and the many ways this is accomplished! Every person I met so very in love with their work, and the many different ways to do it.

I purchased my first spinning wheel. I sat with two women who taught me how to spin. Two sisters who were so patient with me and helped me to take those first steps in my journey to create yarn. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to them. They were amazing. Just sitting with me and encouraging me until I got it, messed up, got it right for a bit, messed up. I ended up creating what they called “Yarn Art”.  They would not let me feel disappointed these amazing women, not for a second. I was so touched by their warm energy and how patient they were with all of us learning to spin. I won’t be forgetting them.

The people at this fiber fest were all so welcoming and completely patient and friendly as I asked stupid question after stupid question and was met with “well how else will you learn dear, ask all the questions you can”. I hope all fiber fests are this welcoming for people looking to learn. I hope to attend more, to learn more and to be met with the same warm love I felt at this one. I feel the best way to continuously show my gratitude to these amazing people is to put my heart into it and share with as much love and respect as they used for me.

-Charleneimage000000 (1)

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