Something In The Way

I am so excited to start doing something. Something so amazing, it will fix so many of my problems. I’m going to stop psyching myself out of projects!!

Every once in awhile I will find an amazing pattern that seems so perfect that I just have to try it. Then I start reading the instructions thoroughly. The first “huh, I wonder what that means” isn’t so bad, but as the pattern reads on there’s more unknowns! I start thinking to myself “whoa, maybe find something more basic.” Problem is, I don’t want to do basic, I really do want the challenge. I have completed 3 patterns I almost psyched myself out of. Took it step by step and watched how to tutorials or asked fellow knitters for advice. So why do I continuously allow my head to go there? I’m pushing through another project with more than basic instructions. Stopping and looking up complications, getting the info I need and then trying my hand. So many times I can’t believe how much time I spent avoiding because the pattern is really easy and I am completely capable! I have met so many knitters that say the same “can’t believe how much time I spent avoiding that project, it turned out to be simple!’

I’ve talked to quite a few knitters who haven’t enjoyed the challenging knits because they too have gotten in their own way and passed on making socks, sweaters, toys or anything outside of hats and dishcloths. We get in our own way and it keeps us from moving forward and progressing. It definitely makes it harder to have those that ask you “are you sure you’re ready for that?” or often have double meanings to what they say. Let that go I tell ya! You can. I can. Get out of your head and just try.

I am finding that I love my progress and that I can get out of my own way and learn more, do more and create more. It definitely helps to ask other knitters but it absolutely can be done alone. There are so many advanced knitters out there who self taught from step one. Just get out of your own way.


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