Fibrous Aspirations

Ever since Sheri put those knitting needles in my hand I have been fascinated with yarn and the creations made with it. These last few months I’ve joined spinners groups and connected with many people who produce fiber and wow am I in awe by this amazing process! Now while there are several enchanting creatures that produce wool and fiber that I adore, my most favorite is the alpaca. How amazing are these animals? The personalities and temperament are incredible and I’m in love! I would love to raise these animals and admire those that do. To shear their luscious fleece to keep them cooler in the warmer seasons and in turn use their fiber to process and spin into yarn has me excited and anxious to learn more! For me it would take my desire to create beautiful knits to another level by starting at the very beginning and creating my own yarn. To be in charge and responsible for the finished object from the start in an opportunity I’d relish and I swear I cannot meet enough people who get to take part in this! Since working in Brave Dog Knits I have met so many people who take part in some of this process that is yarn making and they’re all so thrilled to be doing it! The encouragement I have received to take these steps in yarn making have been heartwarming and after I feel confident enough in my information gathering, I feel this will bring me even more joy in my knitting craft. And if at some point I could share this new passion with the world….


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