The Pleasure Of Knitting

What is knitting to you? To me knitting is a sensual form of creating. Taking pleasure in making something and putting love and care into something for the people I love, people who need it and also for myself. To make something feels amazing to me. I’m creating something, putting something out there for someone. They’re wearing or using , playing with a creation I’ve made. They needed a hat to wear and keep warm and they chose one I made! Contributing to the people around us, giving back to our community in any way makes me feel great. To provide a service of sorts. As I’m knitting, I’ve chosen a color of yarn that I just had to turn into something, each stitch forming my vision. Every slide of the yarn over my fingers bringing it’s own calming peace. The delightful clink or click of my needles as they connect each loop. The weight of my project as I get further into the pattern. The sigh as I snip ends finally weaved in. The satisfaction in someone appreciating my creation. It feels amazing to me entirely to create, to work at it, to gift or sell. I love my craft. I love learning more about my craft and I adore finding other knitters and yarn lovers to share this passion and journey with. Being able to do something I love is such a gift I’ll never stop being grateful for nor will I stop being thankful for those who appreciate it.


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