Dedicated Knitting

Where my knittas at?!!

I’d like to know how you knit. I dream of a comfy spot in the living room or a place with lots of sun, a nice tune or my favorite show while my 4 children frolic around the house playing nicely.

No. That’s not how Charlene gets her knit on. IF I can find a place on the couch, there is a child in my lap and I must hold my WIP above her head while another child is trying to fuse themselves into my side. The other two are either invading each others space, needing me to come see what the dogs just did, or want more food!

I can’t hear music because even playing nicely my tribe of wee people are loud. We can’t watch adult shows (that’s the last thing I need them repeating) so in an attempt to calm these savages we watch a variety of Minecraft, my little pony, or the newest movie Netflix releases.

I push through though. I will get those stitches in! Mommy needs to finish this! Even when dad is keeping watch, they invade! But when that project is finally finished, mistakes corrected and is blocking nicely, I’m quite pleased with myself. My efforts were not wasted. I promise myself “next time I’m going to be so firm in my boundaries and knit”. I can do this though, not gracefully and I look insane while attempting my craft, but I can do it. And once the finished project is done blocking and drying I am going to feel that much prouder of my accomplishment. But they’re probably stepping on that too…

How do you knit? I’d love to know!!20180527_114427


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