A Note To New Friends


You know what I love about being in Brave Dog Knits? I mean yeah there’s all this beautiful and delicious yarn and amazing tools and patterns at my fingertips.  Honestly it’s the customer. It’s You. I love digging through this yarn with you and coming up with the many ways to use it, some I never would have thought of. I love hearing about your favorite patterns and honestly getting inspired just listening to your knitting adventures! Learning about brands I’ve never heard of or knitting needles only found in other stores. This is a dream right? I’m working in an amazing yarn store and each one of you that comes in and chats with me about your knits, you’re teaching me something new. Inspiring a new cast on project! Learning about the wonderful knitting groups right here! You’re all so amazing and keep adding to my desire to learn and do more, to create and test myself on new things. We appreciate each of you that walks through these doors and truly look forward to seeing what you create next and hearing about the new things you learn on the journey. Thank you for all you teach us and share with us. Thank you for your support and friendship.20180602_112753


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