Welcome Yarn Lovers!!

Welcome to bravedogknits.com. I’m Charlene, Caretaker of Website and social media for BDK and this is my first blog post EVER!!

I wanted my first post here to be this deep professional one on one interview with the owner, Sheri Lynn. But with her schedule, opening a yarn store, our family with 10 grandkids (and one on the way!) there is not much one on one time lately and rarely a quiet moment.

So what can I tell you about Sheri Lynn?!? Where would I start? Here is this woman of many talents, many accomplishments and traveled a road not easily walked nor meant for most. How could I possibly fit all of her into one blog post? Because to say she’s just a local yarn store owner and lover of yarn seems too little.

Her always present smile, even in the face of chaos is pure and genuine. Her warm hands and loving embrace have done more than their fair share of work and carried quite heavy loads. I can hear her now, “You learn from the past Charlene, you don’t live there”. So she moves on and doesn’t carry those weights.

She is constantly telling me to unplug. Put the phone down. Connect with people, be outside more. That’s something she does. Connects people. Helps them find their footing. She would never draw someone a map, but insist you listen to yourself and understand and believe you are more than capable. “I won’t do the work for you” she tells me and after awhile I understand why. I wouldn’t appreciate the answer or message if it was handed to me. Most often, that answer wouldn’t make sense without the work.

As a mother, sister and grandmother she connects us. Helps us unplug and be together. Holding us together and helping us find our courage to be and keeping us believing in each other.

So Brave Dog Knits isn’t just a yarn store. It’s a place to connect, to unplug, get what you need and be among open and loving people. And Sheri is so much more than just a local yarn store owner.



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